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Frequently Asked Questions

- What currency will be used for these auctions?

Please specify ALL amounts in USD. This will make it easier both on the people making the bids and on the organizations who will be accepting the donations.
- Can offers and/or bids be made anonymously?

No, this auction does not allow anonymous offers or bids, as neither can be properly vetted. If you wish to participate, please use a Livejournal account or contact us via usaiamhottest.com
- Can I retract my offer and/or bid?

As a general rule, no. Please do not offer or bid if you are unsure about being able to fully commit. However, if there are extraordinary circumstances that absolutely require that you retract an offer and/or bid, please PM the mods right away. Do not delete a bid or offer without first engaging in clear communication with the mods, as well as any offerers/bidders involved.
- I want to bid for something, how do I do it?

 When the auctions open up, people can already start making bids on offerings.

Near the end of the auctions we will be going through the offerings posts to determine the winners, and we will inform both the offerer and the winning bidder so that they can get in touch and coordinate on the item and on the donation.

If you wish to bid for something immediately, go right ahead - but remember that a lot of people will be putting up offers and you might want to look around to see if your favorite author or artist will be putting something up.

- After I win, how do I donate/pay?

We'll be accepting money via PayPal, concealed cash and Bank of America bank transfers.

For PaPal please make all donations via personal payment to donations@usaiamhottest.com with a note of who you are, what you've won.

For concealed cash and bank tranfers please email orders@usaiamhottest.com for the information.
- Where does all this money go?

We’ve decided to donate all proceeds to globalgiving.org‘s Japan earthquake and tsunami relief project.  All received funds will be given to local Japanese organizations that provide emergency disaster relief and services to those affected by the earthquake and tsunami.

We'll be keeping everyone updated through our various social networking sites about the progression of funds as well as proof of donation.
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