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One Day Merchandise

If you'd like to join the merchandise portion of the auction, you may place bids on any merch that is to your liking. All bids should be placed by replying to that comment only. Minimum bid after starting bid is $1. Once the winner(s) are decided, your donation can be made and you'll receive the finished piece as soon as it is finished. Please note that due to personal schedules/delivery of merchandise, we cannot give an exact time for when it will reach you ,but we promise it will be within a reasonable time.

As with the rest of the auction, bidding will run from April 1st, 12:00AM PST until April 9th, 12:00AM PST. Please keep all posts strictly related to offering/bidding only in order to keep things neat. Any miscellaneous comments can be sent privately and we reserve the right to delete anything deemed unrelated.

All general rules apply so please check our FAQ! Any other questions/comments can be sent to our formspring.
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